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Flexion at the Poll

Learn lunging by Babette Teschen

No bend without flexion! 

In order to bend along the whole spine the horse needs a flexible poll which can bend to the inside, as we can see here with Dalia:



No flexion – no bend!

Fault #1: Overbending the neck

Instead of correctly giving at the poll, many horses just overbend their neck to the inside, like you can see here with Dalia. She answers the signal from the lunge by overbending her neck, but her four legs remain unchanged on a straight trajectory. 

flexion poll 6

Fault #2: Tilting the head

Another typical fault is tilting the head instead of flexing correctly. This fault is often not recognized right away. You can see it clearly in this photo of Dalia.

flexion poll_2

When tilting the head the poll is twisted and a continous soft bend is impossible. Dalia’s ears are not level, her inner ear is lower that the outer. The nose points to the outside. This is not correct flexion!

The Key Exercise: Leading in Position

At first, we gently work on flexion at the poll with the basic exercise “leading in position”. You can see this in the video “Basic Exercises on the Lunge”.

In addition to checking and improving flexion, this exercise is used to explain future lunging aids to the horse. An untrained horse will usually react to a signal from the lunge by pulling against it, bending to the outside, and becoming tense. It is very important to explain this basic building block gently in-hand. 


Massages of the tense areas of the neck can help achieve relaxation and giving at the poll.


In this exercise, too, make sure the horse is not tilting his head, like you can see here with Losti:

flexion poll_3

The red line shows clearly how far the head is tilted.

Four weeks later the exercise looks like this! Losti is supple at the poll and flexes beautifully to the inside:

flexion poll_1

Correct flexion to the inside looks like this! 


If a horse shows this tilting of the head all the time and exercises and gentle massages don’t improve it, a veterinarian or physiotherapist should be consulted for treatment. 

Here you can watch everthing in the film:

Many thanks to Nicki Esdorn for translating and narrating my text and video in English!