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Hi! I´m Teresa Moninger

My story with horses sounds like the typical girl childhood dream: After a few years of riding lessons in classic and western style, my parents decided to buy two Quarter horses. From that day on, everything evolved around my two new best friends. From mucking the barn and riding one of them before school to studying for school while walking my horses in the afternoon, I could not imagine a life without them.

To keep that dream alive, I applied for and was accepted for an internship at Babettes Training Stables. Being around so many types of horses for over a year, I learned about biomechanically-correct lunging and riding as well as a more gentle way to communicate with horses.

All this can be found her ‘Online course in lunging’.

That year at EquoVadis I also joined several horse physiotherapy courses. After both of my horses passed away, I took a little break from owning a horse and focused on my own body by becoming a fitness instructor and yoga teacher/practitioner. My twenties were filled with studying anatomy, carefully listening to my clients’ needs, creating and following training plans, and helping myself and others to become healthier and happier versions of ourselves.

Beginning in 2014, each Winter, I kept traveling all over the world to either teach Yoga or train horses.

Since 2017 I have lived full-time in the United States, together with my husband and our rescued animals,  dog Ivy and the mini horses Kima and Asta. Teaching her lots of tricks to create a stronger bond between us has reactivated my passion for the work with horses. 

My Goal has not shifted

I want to improve horse-human relationships, where both sides are highly-motivated, healthy, and happy. I believe that we can learn so much from each other, if we are willing to listen and if we earn their trust. With the right amount of discipline, benevolence, knowledge and joy, I am convinced every horse person can become an excellent trainer to their horse. 

This is why I decided to reconnect with Babette and help share her abundant wisdom with the English speaking world.