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Cavesson Pepe
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Success Story | Deborah Wildegger » Lunging Course

– He moves in that healthy way not only on the lunge! 🥰🙌

How it all began?

Garpur was born in 2007 and came to me in 2013. Many Icelandic horses have the fairly high body tension necessary for tölt and pace, and so we often had a problem with relaxation. I want Garpur to remain healthy as long as possible, so I have been looking for a good training alternative to riding.

Garpur in 2016

We Start with the Course in Lunging 2016

I never liked traditional lunging with side reins, but running around with a giraffe neck is not healthy either. I was so glad to eventually hear about the Lunging Course in 2016. I attended a clinic given by Lisa Kittler, and then I was hooked! Right away I could see how beneficial this work was for Garpur. The horses learn good movement with a very gentle method.

We started with the exercise “Leading in position“, which I still do regularly even after all these years. It is a great loosening up exercise before riding.

Garpur was able to maintain his good position at the walk, so I could lead at a greater distance fairly quickly. We had lots of variety in our work: change of lead, sideways movements, “Trolking”, and serpentines. At the following clinic with Lisa Kittler we worked on refining the sideways movements, tempo changes within the gaits, and we added canter work.

It was not easy for Garpur to move in balance and good position on a circle at the faster gaits. But that is exactly where the Lunging Course comes in. Step by step Garpur improved and now he moves with stable suppleness and power at walk, trot, and canter on a long lunge line. It brings me so much joy to watch him.

He moves in that healthy way not only on the lunge!

Even at liberty he can follow my aids for healthy movement pretty well!

And last not least I can feel a huge difference when I ride him. By working with with the Lunging Course he has become ever more supple, balanced, and agile.

First clinic with Babette

We attended our first clinic with Babette in 2020. I was really nervous, which was completely unnecessary. Garpur did a great job as usual and I calmed down quickly coached by Babette in her calm and friendly way. We learned so much!

I came away with so many good ideas for our future work. The next big thing are sideways movements at a distance. We started at the clinic and practice them a lot at home. I am so happy that we got this far already and I can’t wait for the next clinic!

Dear Babette, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this genius concept and the Lunging Course philosophy. I hope to learn a lot more from you!

🦄 Deborah & Garpur ❤️

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