Do you want your horse to

  • be motivated and look forward to working with you?
  • develop the strength it needs to carry you without harm?
  • move with suppleness and energy on the lunge and under saddle?
  • find its inner and outer balance?
  • become a calm and competent partner in all disciplines?
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Then the Course in Lungeing is just the right thing for you!


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Did you know

  • That a circular track is a really difficult challenge for a horse?
  • That horses need systematic training for moving in a circle, because they just cannot do it naturally?
  • That so-called resistance (on the lunge and under saddle) is not an expression of ill will, but simply of being overwhelmed and unable to do so?
  • That you can improve your horse’s health significantly through lungeing, but also do great harm with bad lungeing?
  • That proper lungeing can prepare your horse perfectly for any work from the saddle?
  • That many riding problems can be easily solved on the lunge?

A lack of knowledge and missing know-how lead to many ugly pictures when horses get lunged. In order to move well, the horse must learn something it cannot do naturally: Move correctly on a circular track, which many horses never get trained to do.

The Lungeing Course will teach you how to train your horse to move soundly on the lunge to improve strength, fitness and stamina.


If you are interested in training your horse after the Course in Lungeing, this online seminar is for you. Full of illustrative pictures and videos, you will learn in no time how to judge your horse’s movement. This course will teach you practicable methods to quickly find out if your horse is bent correctly, if it is balanced and if it uses its hindquarters and back muscles efficiently.

Amongst many other topics, you will understand why improper lungeing can lead to health problems due to incorrect loadings and shearing forces.

You will learn the most important basic exercises of the Course in Lungeing and its individual impact on a horse’s movement.

By learning about signals and aids, necessary lungeing equipment, correct body positioning and body language, you will transform your lungeing from boring circling into strengthening fitness training for your horse and yourself.

A must-have online seminar for lungeing novices as well as anyone who would like to mentally and physically train its horse in a healthy AND fun manner.


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This online seminar will focus on typical lungeing problems and horse-friendly solutions.

 Your horse:

  • Is unmotivated or resists working with you?
  • moves with a tight and rigid back?
  • chooses wrong canter lead?
  • pulls strongly to the outside?
  • is anxious or stressed during lungeing?

In this online seminar we will take a closer look at common problems that occur during lungeing. We will analyze the cause of these problems and will learn horse-friendly solutions.

Price: $39

No Risk! Refund Policy: You have 60 days to return your order.


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Do you recognize if your horse is…

  • mentally and physically supple?
  • moving rhythmically and balanced?
  • bending its entire body along a circular path?
  • moving with active hindquarters?

This online seminar is for you if you struggle to trust your own judgment and if you would like to train your eyes to better understand a horses proper movements.

Price: $39

No Risk! Refund Policy: You have 60 days to return your order.


"A Course in Lungeing" meets Marker Training


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If you are looking for a way to teach your horse healthy movement patterns in a friendly and fun way: This one’s for you!

You will learn how to introduce your horse to lungeing via positive reinforcement. Using a marker signal and feeding praise during training gives you the chance to reward your horse immediately when it shows the desired behavior or movement.

With the help of marker training your horse will be highly motivated and will enjoy working with you so much more.

Having good communication skills with any horse is our goal. Our horses will become masters in reading our body language and therefore will be able to perform diverse riding figures in a healthy manner.

Price: $39

No Risk! Refund Policy: You have 60 days to return your order.


„Anyone can lunge“

Many people think so. “The horse just runs around in a circle”. Sadly, that is not enough. I believe that many horse people don’t know

  • That good lungeing is not so easy.
  • That bad lungeing can really hurt a horse.
  • That good lungeing can be part of a healthy training routine and can therefore solve many problems along the way.

In order to move effectively and in a sound way on the lunge, the horse must learn to go forward in good balance, with a bend along the whole spine, and active hindquarters.


Here are two examples to illustrate this

In order to move effectively and in a sound way on the lunge the horse must learn to go forward in good balance, with a bend along the whole spine, and active hindquarters.



From the book „Hand ans Pferd“

Sports science has come to the conclusion that lungeing, done incorrectly, is definitely harmful to the health of the horse in the long run. Unless immediately corrected, running in circles and the resulting forces make the horse go in a lopsided, unnatural manner on the circular track. The incorrect load on the inner shoulder inevitably causes damage to joints, tendons, and ligaments, since horses are not anatomically suited to running on a circular track. We are responsible for our horse and must immediately adjust the flawed movements. This means that our eye must be trained to see the unintentional faults that the horse makes.The Lungeing Course offers instruction in lungeing the horse according to biomechanical principles, so that we can train the horse on the lunge in a healthy wayClaus Teslau and Oliver Dörpinghaus, physiotherapist for horses

The Author

I am Babette Teschen.

I have taught international days-long clinics for the Lungeing Course for many years. I wrote the Lungeing Course in 2008, supported by my friend and business partner Tania Konnerth, and Lisa Kittler.   

More about me here.

What to expect when purchasing the Course in Lungeing

    A Course in Lungeing_Cover
    • Access to our media library with full of videos explaining the exercises and lectures, and additional texts for downloading
    • 180 page PDF
    • Thorough information about the interrelations between anatomy and lungeing

    • Practical explanations and exercises for teaching your horse correct movement on a circle from the beginning

    • Concrete help and ideas for solving frequently encountered problems

    • Extended exercises and ideas for intermediate levels

    Bonus: Many extras about physiotherapy and acupressure in connection with the Lungeing Course

    No Risk! Refund Policy: You have 60 days to return your order.

    The price is only $ 79


    Presscutting: Great article in „US Icelandic Horse Quarterly“ 9/20 (PDF) by Nicki Esdorn.

    Dear Babette! I would like to thank you once again for your great dedication to our Lungeing Course. As a vet I am particularly impressed with your knowledge of the underlying biomechanics and for your just and fair way of dealing with horses. All the ideas that you have gathered together from your own experience were also interesting for us riders of horses with extra paces. You do not only understand our particular problems, but can also offer really concrete help for getting horseswith special paces to work properly with their backs. My hope is that your Lungeing Course will be read more by vets too, as I am convinced that many sorts of lameness could be better explained with the help ofbiomechanical considerations and convalescent horses more successfully brought back to health again. So do continue your wonderful work for the sake of all horses. Lea Schudel, DVM

    Testimonial from Karolin Evers

    A really excellent course. Interesting for me, as a trainer, to read, as the course confirmed my determination to continue my opposition to the thankless business of lungeing on a bit and the tying up and packaging of horses with sidereins etc. and to continue to explain to people why. Through the course I have learnt many more good reasons for my opinion – to the benefit of horses – thank you so much!!! Karolin Evers

    Testimonial from Anette Kascor

    This deserves HUGE praise at any rate! Well structured, easy to understand and formulated to hit the nail on the head, VERY good strongly expressive photos and also so positively and warm-heartedly described – tremendously motivating!!! Anette Kascor

    Testimonial from Claudia

    Thank you for your wonderful work. I am busy every day with your new course and my horses are grateful for it. I find the new explanations sooooo helpful!! A lot of the connections have really fitted into place now, which they hadn’t before. My ability to see things has really improved as aresult. THANKS!!! Claudia

    Testimonial from Undine

    The course has really become excellent, successful in every respect – once again, many congratulations! It seems to me that one can really work well with it, even when one has to work alone – you really have a talent for setting it all out in small steps and explaining it all clearly and understandably. And I like all the pictures! They are also tremendously enlightening, but some of them are just simply lovely – how beautifully horses can move! I wish you both all the best with it and hope that the course has a really serious impact!All best wishes, Undine

    Testimonial from Helga Raschke

    Your book and your videos, as far as I have seen from my totally fascinating look at them so far, are just what most friends of the horse really need and what really serves the needs of the horse too. Your directions are something that someone who really goes into them, reading, looking, has patience and the will to do it, can work from well or rather really well. I hope that it is going to be as successful for me too ? And what I am really taken with, is the fact that you really properly explain, in a way that is really easy to understand, why it is, or indeed is not, good for the horse with both positive and negative examples that are presented in a way that is very easy to interpret. Where else can one find something like this? Helga Raschke


    I wrote to you a few months ago about my worries about my old riding pony mare with the bad back. In the meantime she is pulling a carriage again after months of preparation work on the lunge and the double lunge. She has acquired back muscles and for the first time in her life (she is nearly 18) understood what it means to produce supple, straight, and energetic movement. (I have also understood it, thanks to your Lungeing Course). The owner of the stables (who is also breaking her in to driving) looks at us rather in surprise when I lunge her in the riding arena and call “goooood girl” when she tries to bend and extend her neck or when I trot along side her instead of standing in the middle of the circle, but since I have more or less regularly worked according to the lungeing course I really have a new horse. Once again, many thanks for that! All best wishes!

    Testimonial from Gabriele Bellin

    I just wanted to say thank you very much for this great project and that I am going to devote myself to the re-worked reading matter as quickly as I possibly can as the first lunging course has already made a definite improvement in my horse. Unfortunately she has health problems in the saddle area (osteophytes on the body of the vertebrae) so that it became very difficult to use riding methods toachieve a good lengthwise bend and to raise the inner shoulder. In the meantime, it’s working pretty well, thanks to your work!Warmest best wishes, Gabriele Bellin

    Testimonial from Anke

    I am really taken with the re-worked version of your lungeing course! It covers exactly the problems that I have experienced. I have to confess to being a newcomer to lungeing. The first hurdle it posed for me was indeed how to deal with the whip and the lunge line – quite apart from position and bend 😉 The demonstration in the new videos is much much clearer. I have got to go and try it out with my horse right away. Do keep doing more. I am telling everyone how brilliant your written work is and how much trouble you have taken with it and I hope that lots and lots of other horse people are going to buy it. Yours sincerely, Anke and Täschi

    Testimonial from Ulrike Steigerwald

    I have been absolutely buried in the comprehensive new lungeing course. It is really a super piece of work! Such good explanations and all the many illustrative photos with the drawn-on indicators that really clearly back up the explanation! You can really work with this e-book on your own without having any worries that you might be making some serious mistake. A really good addition is the exact description and drawing on the theme of the “Language of the Stick”. And I’ve been able to look at the films in the Media Library too: very nice examples that really make some things clearer still. And the finishing touch: Health Spa Treatments for Horses! I have just tried them out and my horse sends warmest best wishes with a happy sigh and hanging lips! Many thanks again for this wonderful lungeing course! All best wishes, Ulrike Steigerwald

    Testimonial from Kathy Asmuß

    Thank you so much for the course! And thank you so much for the comprehensive and painstaking pulling together of all your material. I had feared that perhaps there scarcely were any other horse lovers that were really interested in lungeing properly. I have tried for years to go on courses given by various trainers to get my horse to lunge properly and in a way which suits its make up and not just “send it round in circles”. Even with renowned trainers I did not find what your course offers – as it is normally the case that the best people do not want to give away their specialist knowledge. At least, that has been my experience up to now. Many thanks and all best wishes, Kathy Asmuß

    Testimonial from Victoria

    I have recently bought your online Lungeing Course and would like to thank you and Mrs Konnerth very much for your excellent and careful work. One feels how much of your life’s blood you have invested in the project and I do wish I lived near you and could meet you personally and get the benefit of your knowledge and ability – not least for the good of my horse. Your method of writing is excellent and easy to understand, even for beginners like me – yourLungeing Course suits me more than all the books and DVDs that I have tried to study on the subject so far, and which I had to shelve as they did not suit us or went completely over my head. Many many thanks for it! Victoria

    Why I wrote the Course

    As a horse trainer, I have been confronted with horses’ problems all the time: sometimes more or less resistance, sometimes an uneven rhythm, sometimes very little motivation or spirit. In some cases the problems were even more serious: pain, frustration, disobedience – which could lead to bucking, rearing, or otherwise “difficult” horses.

    Lungeing has proved to be essential and helpful for my work. The best thing I could do for the health and sound mind of my equine partner was lungeing according to biomechanic principles. The horse was then able to do as I asked in a healthy way. Lungeing, the way I teach it, will also bring about a harmonious relationship. It emphasizes togetherness, understanding, and patience and forgoes pressure, force or coercive means.

    Good lungeing is the best way to prepare the young horse physically and psychologically for its job as a riding horse.

    Good lungeing is the prerequisite for any horse to become a sound and strong riding horse. This is true not just for pleasure horses, but especially also for sport horses whose owners dream of a career in dressage or jumping.

    Good lungeing is, for me, the best way to help problem horses to become cooperative once again. It is quite unbelievable what changes I have been able to bring about with horses that had been given up as incurable by their owners.


    Here are three example exercises, which are thoroughly explained in the Course in Lungeing

    The Travers on the Lunge

    The Travers on the Lunge

    The lateral movements, in-hand, but also at a distance on the lunge, are an important part of the Lungeing Course

    The Serpentine

    The Serpentine

    The lungeing of arena figures, like a serpentine, improves the communication between horse and human. It is also a great way to add some variety and fun!

    The Leading in Position

    The Leading in Position

    With the exercise “leading in position” we teach the important bending at the poll. Without bending at the poll, bending along the spine is not possible!

    Read answers to common questions an testimonials on my blog

    Advantages of a cavesson with metal fitting

    Advantages of a cavesson with metal fitting

    Advanteges of a cavesson with metal fitting Using a cavesson lets you achieve the poll position required for healthy work. Through bending at the poll and correct positioning of the head you can start working on the horse’s lateral bend. In this video, Teresa explains...

    Work with us!

    The Lungeing Course in German has already helped many horses physically and psychologically. Many veterinarians, physiotherapists, trainers, and horse owners have given me feedback how much they value training according to the Lungeing Course.  

    It is my dream to share this horse friendly training method with many more people and horses.

    If you believe in working according to the Lungeing Course and you want to help us spread the word, please contact us. We are offering a cooperation with an affiliate program. You can support us and make some money yourself.

    If you are interested in a cooperation, write us an email at:


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    This e-book has some answers and will show you horse-friendly solutions to 5 of the most common lungeing problems.

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