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Success Story | Franziska & Aska » Lunging Course

– A Course in Lunging – more than just running in a circle 🥰🙌

I have always liked lunging my horses and have tried to make it as varied as possible for them. It was a lucky coincidence that I heard about Babette and her Course in Lunging around 4 years ago.

First clinik with Babette

In spring 2016 I took part in my very first course with Babette and was absolutely thrilled! Since then, I can be found in this course twice a year in spring and in autumn with my Icelandic mare Aska.

I knew already that you may not only lunge on a circle and have already used it for myself, but the Course in Lunging showed me how much more you can do. I now lunge changes of direction, slaloms and sideways movements like shoulder-in and haunches-in. I particularly like this varied and versatile way of not only moving the horse from the ground, but also working them properly. It showed me a whole new way of lunging, it’s like the sky is the limit.

In my opinion this suppling, and later on collecting work is excellent for Icelandic horses. Especially horses that have a hard time trotting and some difficulties in loosening themselves up, benefit enormously. The horses are shown the right way without pressure and tugging, but with a lot of positive energy and praise.

The best thing about this course, however, is Babette herself, her way of dealing and working with horses and people is unique. It does not matter whether you have already worked with the Lunging Course or are a complete beginner, she picks everyone up exactly where they are at the moment and tailors the units exactly to the horse and its people. Babette encourages and challenges, but without ever being overwhelming.

She has an incredibly good feeling for horses and their needs. I don’t know how best to describe it with words – anyone who has ever had the privilege of seeing Babette working with horses knows what I mean!

Dear Babette, thank you very much for your tireless support and your work for the horses!

🦄 Franziska & Aska ❤️

Do you want your horse to…

  • be motivated and look forward to working with you?
  • develop the strength he needs to carry you without harm?
  • move with suppleness and energy on the lunge and under saddle?
  • find his inner and outer balance?
  • become a calm and competent partner for all disciplines?

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Then my Starter Lunging Course Bundle is just the right thing for you!

A lack of knowledge and missing know-how lead to many ugly pictures when horses get lunged. In order to move well, the horse must learn something it cannot do naturally: go correctly on a circular track. Unfortunately, many horses never get trained to do just that.

The Starter Lunging Course will show you how to train your horse to move soundly on the lunge and build up strength and fitness.

  • ❗👨‍🔬 If you already have advanced knowledge, you can book modules 2-6 individually. Modules 4 & 6 are particularly popular. There you will learn the beginnings of liberty work and lateral movements.