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Starter Online Course in Lunging!

by Babette Teschen

The starter “Course in Lunging” is a self-study course by Babette Teschen

180 page PDF | Submodule 1 | Media Library | Bonus

This Course will teach you how to train your horse to move soundly
on the lunge to improve strength, fitness and stamina.

Course excerpt:

Do you want your horse to…

  • be motivated and look forward to working with you?
  • develop the strength he needs to carry you without harm?
  • move with suppleness and energy on the lunge and under saddle?
  • find his inner and outer balance?
  • become a calm and competent partner for all disciplines?

Then the Lunging Course is just the right thing for you!

A lack of knowledge and missing know-how lead to many ugly pictures when horses get lunged. In order to move well, the horse must learn something it cannot do naturally: go correctly on a circular track. Unfortunately, many horses never get trained to do just that.

The Lunging Course will show you how to train your horse to move soundly on the lunge and build up strength and fitness.

This is what you get with my STARTER ONLINE COURSE BUNDLE in Lunging

  • Lunging Horses E-Book - 180 pages
  • "Master Healthy Lunging" - submodule 1
    (online seminar≈ 78min.)
  • Access to our media library with many videos explaining the exercises and lectures, and additional texts for downloading
  • Thorough information about the anatomical interrelations you need to know for lunging
  • Practical explanations and exercises for teaching your horse correct movement on a circle from the beginning
  • Concrete help and ideas for solving frequently encountered problems
  • Extended exercises and ideas for intermediates

Bonus: Many extras about physiotherapy and acupressure in connection with the Lunging Course



You can also book a lunging course module individually!
(Submodule 1 is included in the Starter Bundle)

Master Healthy Lunging



by Babette Teschen

online seminar ≈ 78min.

You will learn the most important basic exercises of the Course in Lunging and its individual impact on a horse’s movement.

By learning about signals and aids, necessary lunging equipment, correct body positioning and body language, you will transform your lunging from boring circling into strengthening fitness training for your horse and yourself.

 A must-have online seminar for lunging novices as well as anyone who would like to mentally and physically train its horse in a healthy AND fun manner.

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Understanding Horse Movement



by Babette Teschen

online seminar ≈ 91min.

Do you recognize if your horse is…

  • mentally and physically supple?
  • moving rhythmically and balanced?
  • bending its entire body along a circular path?
  • moving with active hindquarters?

This online seminar is for you if you struggle to trust your own judgment and if you would like to train your eyes to better understand a horses proper movements.
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Solving lunging problems



by Babette Teschen

online seminar ≈ 98min.

Your horse is…

  • Is unmotivated or resists working with you?
  • moves with a tight and rigid back?
  • chooses wrong canter lead?
  • pulls strongly to the outside?
  • is anxious or stressed during lunging?

In this online seminar we will take a closer look at common problems that occur during lunging. We will analyze the cause of these problems and will learn horse-friendly solutions.
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Lunging meets Markertraining



by Babette Teschen

online seminar ≈ 60min.

In this online seminar you will learn:

  • Conditioning to the marker
  • Politeness (“anti begging training”)
  • Proper treat training
  • Usage of targets
  • Explanation of aids
  • Basic exercises of the Course in Lunging (first with cavesson, then in liberty)

Lunging Riding Figures



by Babette Teschen

online seminar ≈ 75min.

In this online seminar you will learn the following riding figures:

  • Shifting voltes and circles (straight ahead and on a circle)
  • Square volte (different variations)
  • On the rail
  • Slalom
  • Staircase
  • CloverChange of direction (different variations)
  • And above all: IT IS A LOT OF FUN ! 🙃

Lateral Movements



by Babette Teschen

online seminar ≈ 81min.

Babette will explain the following exercises to you:

  • Shoulder-in
  • Counter shoulder-in
  • Stepping over
  • Haunches-in
  • Haunches-out
  • Half-pass
  • Leg yield

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When horses grow

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Identify if a horse has back problems!

Identify if a horse has back problems!

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