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The „Course in Lungeing“ is a self-study course that has been very successful on the market in Germany, Switzerland and Austria since 2008.


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This course gives horse people all the information and techniques (e-book and media library) to train their horses on the lunge according to biomechanic principles.

    The customers will get an online course

    • With a 250 page PDF
    • With access to our media library with many videos explaining the exercises and lectures, and additional texts for downloading
    • With thorough information about the anatomical interrelations you need to know for lungeing
    • With practical explanations and exercises for teaching your horse correct movement on a circle from the beginning
    • With concrete help and ideas for solving frequently encountered problems
    • With extended exercises and ideas for intermediates
    • With extras about physiotherapy and acupressure in connection with the Lungeing Course
    • And much more!


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